my dream

24 10 2010

The sun is shining as hot as he is.
This is afternoon.
I am hearing the music of noon silence.
Sometime I feel this music.
Cricket’s song is coming
from the far hemisphere.

May be all people of this city of concrete
are taking rest from the wheel of life.
But the wings of my memory
are spreading edge to edge.

The siren of a police car is crying somewhere.

I had a dream like the blue sky’s chest.
The dream was so deep like sea.
I used to walk on the corridor of my dream.
But all my joys are fading day by day.

I don’t know why and who?

I only know I am –
the man who is not able to walk
on the way of this real world.
I am leaving so far from our world.

I was dependent on the crutch of my dream.
But now they are flying on the other sky.




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